Tattoos have a complicated history. From being called hideous to devilish, the odd-looking designs are anything but boring. Ask any tattoo lover, and you’ll know ink love is not on a whim. Yet, things weren’t that simple before. Every desire to get inked met several knockbacks, with an extra bunch of staring eyes.

As time went by, the art evolved, transcending all the cultural barriers to become a never-seen-before symbol of Self expression and individuality. Societal glare went low, and tattoos no longer have an impermissible fate. The dramatic transformation of body art into finally finding a way into Fashion trends is unbelievable but fascinating.

Isn’t it strange how this often presumed modern invention, strangely dating back to 5000 BC(approximately), is turning heads after integrating into fabric? 

Unusually enough, tattoo designs found an inescapable route into the apparel industry. Simply put, anyone can enjoy the quirky designs without going under the needle with Tattoo tee shirts. That’s not all! These off-center designs are available in great numbers. Endless variety makes these whimsical designs a must-know. So, the next section is all about the tragic story between fashion and tattoos, accompanied by different styles for you to try!

Tattoo and Fashion– A Tragic Yet Unparallel Relationship

Historically, tattooed bodies have been perceived as unacceptable yet impressive. The dynamic art with changing values is a remarkable symbol of individuality, a distinction with pride, self-expression, and style.

Strangely enough, the omnipresent art form throughout history had a tricky entrance into the world of fashion. For years, markings were blocked on the runways of Milan, Paris, and New York. In other words, supermodels walked in blank skins.

It wasn’t until Issey Miyake introduced his autumn collection in 1971 New York, solely dedicated to Japanese Tattoo art. Since then, the incorporation of pop culture artistry into fabric is a not-so-alien chore. And the rest is history and present.

The idea behind tattoos on fabric was to introduce this artwork to everyone who avoided getting inked. Thankfully, fashion no longer works on obsolete terms and accepts the unordinary language of self-expression.

If you’ve always been interested in tattoos but didn’t find a suitable aesthetic, the next section is a must-read for you.

Tattoo Styles In Vogue – Quirky Contrasts Or Minimalist Patterns

Choices around tattoos are overwhelmingly many. You can choose from dozens of ink options, select colorful hues, give in to the black-and-white world or find a unique tattoo inspo – it depends on you.

Still, finding a suitable tattoo design among so many insanely beautiful picks can be a daunting task. Plus, the extensive list makes it hard to choose any suitable aesthetic.

So, here’s a little guide on tattoo styles to help you understand different tattoo styles:


Minimalist Tattoos

When Less Is More – Minimalist Tattoos

Who says Minimalism limits to apparel and home decor? Your love for simple designs can now find a suitable friend in Minimalist tattoo styles. These basic designs varying in shapes or sizes, ultimately work around the theme– ‘less is more. The context doesn’t necessarily mean mini shapes; instead, it uses a combination of lines, shapes, and negative space to give weight to the idea without adding complexity.


Word/Phrase Tattoos

Unspoken Tales – Word/Phrase Tattoos

Though most people prefer whimsical designs, yet few like to keep it simple. Usually referred to as script designs, word or phrase tattoos serve as a daily reminder of inspiration, strength, and sentiment. Whether you choose to create a fun interplay between words or ink a phrase that echoes in your heart, there are absolutely no rules. Structure the letters cursive or bold, place them on the collarbone or ankle, add an image you love, or leave the letters small– entirely your choice.


Let Flowers Bloom – Flower Tattoos

Love flowers? But it’s sad to see them wither. Floral tattoos can let you enjoy your favorite blossoms forever. It can be a bouquet of tulips or a red rose. You can pick a purely aesthetic tattoo or add a soft wash of pigment, that makes the design look simple or complex. Plus, there’s no limit to florals, as long as you have an experienced artist to give shape to your style.


Line Art Tattoos

Go on Smooth – Line Art Tattoos

Finding something unique in a vast sea of florals and sailor tats requires more than scrolling tattoo images. Line art tattoos can serve your inspiration thirst, with their subtle yet authentic designs. An experienced artist knows exactly what role play with fine lines to create a portrait means. No doubt that vivid art is booming in popularity. Choose a tattoo inspired by Johannes Vermeer’s artwork, or let your attachments close the call. You can choose any style to wrap around your wrist or wear tattoo art clothing with continuous line art.

Watercolour Tattoos

Mix Colors Into Art – Watercolour Tattoos

Tattoo lovers have seen most styles, from mighty skull tattoos to subtle artworks. And, if you crave diversity, then watercolor tattoos can be your go-to tattoo style. From styles in black ink to vivid colors, any image can transform into a watercolor tattoo. You can choose to highlight the details with bright colors or create a gradient effect in black and white, absolutely your taste. 


Abstract Tattoos

Not Everything Has A Meaning – Abstract Tattoos

Swirls or arrows, single lines or parallel lines, wolf or elephants, if unconventional tattoo ideas suit your style and you don’t want to leave room for interpretation, abstract tattoos sound like you. Like other artworks, abstract tattoos work with random shapes, line styles, and blobs of colors to create an intriguing, obscure, or aesthetically pleasing design. 

So, find an artist who works with thin lines, like brush strokes, and turn your ideas into reality.


Geometric Tattoos

Simple Yet Captivating– Geometric Tattoos

Geometric Tattoos get inspiration from different cultures, including Thai, Polynesian, and Maori. However, modern geometric tattoos add a sense of symmetry, balance, and sometimes a mystery to make the ordinary-looking piece enjoyable. You can pick a mix of triangles and wolves to create an eye-catching design that symbolizes loyalty. To get the most standalone look, ask your artist to place it that suits your preferences. If you want a minimalist look, place it on your wrist or collarbone, but if adding strength to your design is the motto- place it somewhere visible and choose large-size shapes.


Blackwork Tattoos

Intense, Heavy, and Bold – Blackwork Tattoos

Do you enjoy mystery or love black color? You can choose blackwork tattoos to add a puzzle element to your life. But here’s the catch– it’s a mystery for others; you already know what it symbolizes. The design palette includes thick lines, intense shading, or absolute black pieces to bring hidden meanings into form.


Russian Prison Tattoos

Skulls, Roses or Chains – Russian Prison Tattoos

Based in 20th century Russia, these tattoos symbolize anti-government sentiments, life in prisons, or in exact words, rebellion. You’ll find skulls, chains, knives, or anything that sounds quirky but boring. Used to differentiate a convict, these tattoos became a status symbol for many criminal leaders. Without going into history, refer to this article from Guardian to know what those inked roses, snakes, or cowboy artwork meant for Russian prison inmates.

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