Exploring Trending Tattoos On T-Shirts This Season


Tattoos are purely artistic, with no goal of promoting any brand or business. People’s work is influenced by pop culture and their surroundings. However, a new trend has moved tattoos from body skin to clothing, such as tattoo shop tee shirts. There are now numerous tattoo types available for printing, particularly on t-shirts. Tattoos were […]

Connection Between Fashion And Tattoos

Fashion & Tattoo

What do tattoos and fashion have in common? If you ask some people, they will probably say that tattoos and clothing are about expression. Many people also think that fashion is a means of self-expression. All of these ideas are true to some extent, but there is one other thing: tattoos and clothes express culture. […]

Old Story, Different Covers – Tattoo Art Needs More Than Skin!

Tee Shirt Tattoo

Tattoos have a complicated history. From being called hideous to devilish, the odd-looking designs are anything but boring. Ask any tattoo lover, and you’ll know ink love is not on a whim. Yet, things weren’t that simple before. Every desire to get inked met several knockbacks, with an extra bunch of staring eyes. As time […]